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On 25th October 2018, the Leo Computers Society committee held a celebratory lunch to mark the 90th birthday of Ralph and Frank Land - both of them true LEO pioneers and both of them enthusiastic members of the committee. We also took this opportunity to celebrate our recent partnership with The Centre for Computing History, Cambridge and the wonderful news that our joint bid for Heritage Lottery Funding has been successful. The event was attended by members of the committee, helpers and partners and by Lisa McGerty and Jason Fitzpatrick from CCH.
The Venue was The Queen's Head pub in Brook Green, Hammersmith - just up the road from where Cadby Hall once stood. (The pub is decorated with Lyons and LEO memorabilia and is well worth a visit.)
After the buffet meal, the Land twins were toasted by Peter Byford, Society Chairman , who also presented them with their gifts - a framed picture of the twins including a montage of photos of the LEO range of computers They were also given greetings cards including messages from several members - and they were invited to blow out candles on their cake (we didn't go for the full 180!). Both Ralph and Frank responded to the toast - thanking the Society for organising the event and for their greetings and gifts.
Frank, who chairs the Society's History sub-committee, then proposed a toast to our colleagues at CCH , thanking them - and particularly Lisa - for their hard work in preparing the successful lottery bid and welcoming our future joint working. Jason responded saying in turn how the Museum looked forward to working with us to preserve and promote the history of LEO.
Thank you Hilary for organising the event and getting the cake and preparing the cards and messages.

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